The original statement in Japanese language follows below.


We support the SF Proposed Resolution of condemnation of Prof Ramseyer’s “historical revisionist” article


Thank you for this opportunity to submit our comment to you today.


The movement to resolve the long-standing Japanese military “Comfort Women” Issue started with the courageous “coming-out” of the victims that revealed their painful truths to the world, and since then, over the next three decades, we have continually worked to clarify the truth of our country’s history, and sought accountability from our own Japanese government. We are all citizens of Japan, who have chosen to stand in solidarity with, and alongside, the victim survivors in their respective countries, to continue building on this legacy of our movement.


In the course of this movement, we encountered Japan’s official denial of its wartime atrocities, and historical revisionists, all of whose narratives often insulted and denigrated the victim women ruthlessly. These proved to be some of the most formidable obstacle we ever experienced. The insistence they repeat have no factual basis or credible evidence, as reaffirmed by renowned scholars and historians world-wide, and yet, they continue to disseminate their false narratives and continue to expand their influence throughout countries in the West such as the United States, and Korea, among other places. It is in this context that we now find the published article by J. M. Ramseyer, professor of Harvard Law School, and we were shocked and left speechless that such a piece of propaganda made it to publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal!


Right now, we are confronted with the most urgent challenge to halt further legitimation of harmful, illegitimate claims of Japan’s history that historical revisionists continue to spread throughout the world. Your support of the proposed Resolution today will help advance the important goal of ensuring this history is never repeated, at this critical time. As people of Japan who seek to restore the dignity of victims of such unspeakable sexual violence, as an important step towards restoring justice, we sincerely welcome and applaud your adoption of this important proposed Resolution. We trust that such courageous acts you are about to demonstrate to the world will cause a powerful ripple effect and help our movement across borders and oceans, further solidifying the prospect of protecting the dignity of all women.






Co-Representative Ching-ja Yang

Co-Representative Yoko Shiba


On behalf of Japan Nationwide Action Network for the Resolution of the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” Issue


April 6, 2021 Tokyo, Japan